Things to keep in mind before exchanging Gold

Gold is a metal that humanity has held dearly for as long as we can remember. It has the properties of being just abundant enough in our Mother Earth to create coins but also just rare enough so that not everyone can produce it. As it is the one of the precious that doesn’t corrode, its value is as intact as the moment you bought it. The early humans used gold as a measure for their success, abundance and socio-economic power, and not much has changed since then. It is the metal we fall back on when currencies lose value or don’t work making gold valuable in good times and bad!

Unlike traditional jewellers, who use a touchstone for gold valuation, multiple scientific testing is conducted to know the accurate value of your gold.

If you’re looking to exchange your gold during these unprecedented times. Here is a quick set of tips we have put together for you to use to be secure and informed with your experience.

  1. Ensure you approach a reputable jeweller: Your very first step would be to decide a trustworthy and reliable jeweller who has a good reputation and experience in the field. This will also ensure that you’re getting your gold’s worth and will avoid the risk of being duped in the transaction.
  2. Exchange unadorned gold: While examining what ornament you’d like to exchange, ensure you choose gold jewellery that does not come with precious gemstones. Even if you’d like to exchange an ornament that comes with precious stones, remove them before you exchange the gold as it would prevent any potential devaluation.
  3. Research the gold rates: Always have information on the current gold rates in handy, this will ensure that you’re not duped with a lower amount for the price of your gold. This way you can also take a call to visit the store when the amount is higher to get more value from your exchange.
  4. Check for Hallmark: Always ensure you check the hallmark of the gold you’re purchasing or exchanging to ensure its purity. Our laws mandate that every gold ornament come with a clear stamp of its cartage to make buying and selling gold easy!
  5. Maintain proper invoices: With every gold purchase you make, ensure to login a copy of the bills and original copies of the same! This will ensure the authenticity of the gold when you’re going to exchange it.

Happy gold exchanging!

Positive power of your birthstone

Birthday, a day which always reminds you who you are with a smile, a day which marks your presence in the world. There are birthdays and there are milestone birthdays, which are celebrated with zest and love and fervor by your loved ones. Birthdays are a once-in-a-year event, but here is what can be and travel with you through your entire journey reminding you of your uniqueness, and that is your Birthstone!

Birthstones have been in use widely amongst people and have been in existence from ancient times. Birthstones are either based on your Zodiac or on the month in which your birthdate falls.

Essentially, birthstones can surround you with positivity by accentuating your strengths and influencing good thoughts and actions in the wearer. Birthstones are known to bring good health, prosperity and negate the weaknesses and ill effects that you may encounter in your life. Each stone has a unique property and power to enhance your environment with positivity,

Here are some of the healing and positive effects of the various birthstones based on the English calendar months. Come along and check out with us your special stone that will be as unique as you are!

January Born : Garnet

Garnet is one of the oldest stones used in jewellery making from ancient times, It comes in a myriad of colours from a clear, fervent orange to greener shades. the most popular and widely worn stone is the red garnet,

Qualities: Garnet is a symbol of light, friendship, power, trust, and devotion. Wearing this stone will add the dash of light you may need in the path for a clear view.

Garnet - January Birthstone

February Born : Amethyst

Amethyst is a stone in existence from ancient times, and have been known to be the choice of Kings and queens of the past. It comes in wide shades of purple

Qualities : Amethyst signifies royalty, peace, and tranquility, It is often suggested that these qualities have healing power to calm a restless mind.

Amethyst - February Birthstone

March born : Aquamarine

Aquamarine,  is often referred to as the gem of the sea, the shades of blue from pale to deep blue give a variety of choices to you. The deep blue is eye-catching and is often chosen stone by many jewelry designers

Qualities : Aquamarine is known to be the gem of hope, health, and happiness. The hues of blue are a reminder of the vastness of the sea /it is known to have a calming effect, bring mental and clarity and often sort after to reawaken marital love, and to release your negative energies.

Aquamarine- March Birthstone

April born : Diamond

Diamonds are the stones for the April born, a stone that has the clarity of light and most sought after gemstones. Diamonds are precious stones and can be expensive so there can always be designs in a diamond that fit the pocket.

Qualities : Diamonds are the gem of purity, give clarity of light that stimulates a higher mind… it is a highly powerful stone that can trigger both positive as well and negative effects and so the stones should be chosen with care.

Diamond - April Birthstone

May born : Emerald 

Emeralds are precious stones worn by royals from ancient times. It is the most prized greenstone, the hue range from light grass green to velvety green, Solid emeralds are highly treasured, the deep green tone of emerald being the most significantly powerful of them all.

Qualities : Emeralds have the power to heal the mind through the heart. It is known to be the gem of love, life, loyalty, and friendship. Emeralds are a good choice to surround yourself with a positive environment.

Emerald - May Birthstone

June born : Pearl

Pearls are nature’s gift from the sea. Authentic pearls are of two types natural pearls that originate from the sea and freshwater pearls that originate from rivers. It takes many years for a pearl to be formed and is a naturally precious gem

Qualities : Pearls are gems of purity, luck, and femininity .it is believed that pearls have the power to induce a sense of calm and patience, often helping control anger and project a dignified persona.

Peal - June Birthstone


July Born : Ruby

Ruby is a magnificent stone that is most valued amongst the precious stones. Ruby stone colour ranges from a fine red to pale rose to deep red carmine. The value of the stone is decided by the colour of the stone.

Qualities : Ruby is said to be the gem of passion and desire. The fire within the ruby is said to bring out the eternal flame in its owner. Rubies are considered to protect and to negate negative energies. It is often observed to grow deeper in colour indicating an approaching danger or negativity.

Ruby - July Birthstone

August : Peridot

Peridot is a gorgeous green stone that has a unique lime green tone. Its colours range from lime green to olive green. It is also called the evening emerald.

Qualities : Peridot is the gem of spirit, trust, strength and upliftment, It has power to ward off lethargy , ward off worries and often tames fears . This is stone is usually helps to bring confidence and patience to face stressful situations
Peridot - August Birthstone

September : Sapphire

Sapphire is a majestic stone worn by Kings and royal priests. These are magnificent stones part of the Navratnas. They have a distinctive blue colour that varies in shades of pale violet, and dark blue.

Qualities : Sapphire is the gem of sincerity, charm, love, trust and dignity. It is also known as the wisdom stone that ca restore balance in all spheres of life.

Saaphire - September Birthstone

October : Opal

Opal has a brilliance of its own which unique through its rainbow colours. Opal has a quality where each stone can even have a different colour

Qualities : Opal symbolizes hope, faith, brilliance, and good fortune. It is known to strengthen memory and the will to live.

Opal - September

November : Topaz

Topaz is the most desired and attractive gemstone. The orange imperial topaz is very unique and preferred stone colour.

Qualities : Topaz is known to be a gem of optimism and loyalty and is said to bring out your inner sense of love, passion, kindness, and empathy. It can restore a balance, eliminate stress and give the feeling of empowerment

Topaz - November Birthstone

December : Turquoise

Turquoise is the birthstone of December is a gorgeous gemstone. It has hues ranging from green to blue hues. Its shades vary from blue-green to yellow-green.

Qualities : Turquoise is known to be a gem of prosperity, happiness, clarity, and strength. It is believed to change colour when ill effects approach

Turquoise - December Birthstone

These different birthstones are all uniquely beautiful and meaningful in many different forms. They all make great gifts for your loved ones, friends & family.

At Konika we strive to source the finest quality of gemstones and help you pick the gem that resonates the most with you, so you can use them along towards a happier and healthier life!

The Rajasthani Bride Guidebook to Jewellery

Straight from the golden screens of Bollywood films like Padmaavat to the paintings we have framed to commemorate history, Rajasthani jewellery and bridal attire has been revered in our country as one of the regal looks a bride can adorn on her special day.

Here’s a round up of the jewellery that you can sport to get that perfect Rajasthani bridal look:

  1. Borla: This traditional head jewellery is spherical in shape and is different from other Maang Tikkas. The traditional Borla is made with a spherical drop attached to metal chains that adorns the brides head. The two chains that support the Borla are called Sheeshfool. This combination of a Sheeshfool and Borla makes up the Matha Patti.
  2. Nath: A classic mark of a Rajasthani bride can only be noted if she is wearing a Naath. Also known as a Nathni, this gorgeous piece of jewellery is worn on the woman’s nostril. Traditionally worn on the left nostril, the Nath is joined to the ear by a simple gold or pearl chain.
  3. Kaanbali: Carefully designed with Kundan or Meenakari work, the Kaanbali earrings are popular for both extremely festive outfits and indowestern lookbooks. They are also laden with precious stones to give it an oomph factor and rarely fail to impress.
  4. Kanthi Necklace: The Kanthi necklace is a traditional necklace worn by the royals and gorgeous women of Rajasthani descent and is also known as a Rajputhana necklace. It is a square or rectangular choker gifted to the bride’s family by the bridegroom. It is traditionally made with gold and laden with Kundan and Polki stones. It is a must have of every Rajasthani wedding jewellery trousseau.
  5. Haath Phool: Mehendi is not the only thing that adorns our gorgeous Rajasthani brides’ hands. Sweetly known as a Haath Phool (Hand Flower), this piece of jewellery cannot be missed in a traditional wedding. Falling beautifully on to the top of a woman’s hand, this piece of jewellery can come in various styles like rings attached to all five fingers connected to a point which ties into the bracelet around the wrist.

And the best part? You can get all of this customized and made to suit your wedding trousseau with us guiding you every step of the way.

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How to store your precious jewel

We often purchase jewelry with a lot of interest and we have spent our savings to invest in our most treasured pieces, for jewelry to last long and not lose its shine, we must take utmost care to store them well. Here are some easy to use tips to store jewelry at home:

1. When we wear jewelry, it is always in contact with our body. Therefore, it will be exposed to sweat and sometimes perfume and makeup. So once we are done wearing, it should be wiped with soft velvet cloth and stored in a box that can be closed.

2. Always store your pieces like earrings, rings, and necklaces separately, they should not come in contact with each other and cause scratches in closed boxes. Diamonds and pearls are best stored this way.

3. The jewelry can also be wrapped in anti-tarnish paper and then stored inside the box.

4. It is always better to avoid wearing delicate jewelry while cooking, gymming, swimming, and avoid overexposure to sunlight, as this will tend to reduce the shine of the jewelry.

5.Some of the jewelry, apart from precious gemstone jewellery made of gold & diamonds can be washed with mild soap in lukewarm water.

6.It is best to wear jewelry as the last piece of dressing once the makeup and attire have been worn to avoid any damage due to pulling from tassels or dulling of luster due to make up spills.


On the whole, for jewelry to look as new as it was bought, it is advised to store the jewelry pieces in soft clothed boxes, in separate compartments and in room temperature away from sunlight.

How do you choose your engagement ring?

How do you choose your engagement ring?

Tips to choose an engagement ring 

Jewelry has always been the best choice as gifts to express emotions like gratitude, commitment to a relationship, and appreciation. An engagement is one such important event in life that is always associated with the gift of commitment in the form of a ring.

There you are in the most important phase in life that you have been looking forward to for years and the day is just around the corner and it’s the time to rejoice!

Let’s look into all the aspects to keep in mind while selecting the ring.

  • Be sure of your budget in mind to choose the ring as this will influence the kind of metal and stone you would like to choose for the item
  • It is ideal to choose a diamond ring on a metal band, there can be variation in size and shape. The shape of the diamond is a factor to consider as the price varies with each shape.
    Diamond is assessed based on the four Cs -Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat.
  • All diamonds at Konika are well-cut diamonds and proportioned so that all of the light entering the diamond is reflected, the clarity is important to grade the diamond, we strive to provide the best quality of diamonds starting from IF-VVSI,VVS2. The color of the diamond is graded from D to Z, D being the highest quality in richness, at konika you can be assured E & F Colour. Last but not least is the weight of the diamond which is measured in carats and determines the size and price of the stone.
  • Next, you should look around to choose the shape of the stone which is available in round, oval, heart, pear, and princess.
    The stone can be ordered to set in either an open or closed setting based on the design you choose.
  • There are various options based on your budget for the band which can be yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum.
  • Always buy a certified diamond especially when you are spending an enormous amount of money on it, ensure that the certificate matches the description of your product. Along with every diamond purchase you can be assured an IGI certification from a renowned lab that gives you every little detail about your diamond jewellery starting from the number of diamonds to gold color. Besides the diamond count, you can also find details about the cut, color, clarity and weight of every piece of diamond that is used.

Once all of the above has been considered and you have arrived at the best piece that is meant just for you and your better half then it is the right time to go for it and make the special occasion and milestone in life as we all Know Diamonds are a woman’s best friend! Enjoy shopping with loved ones and make the experience positive as memorable as it is one thing that you will carry in your heart for a lifetime.