How to store your precious jewel

We often purchase jewelry with a lot of interest and we have spent our savings to invest in our most treasured pieces, for jewelry to last long and not lose its shine, we must take utmost care to store them well. Here are some easy to use tips to store jewelry at home:

1. When we wear jewelry, it is always in contact with our body. Therefore, it will be exposed to sweat and sometimes perfume and makeup. So once we are done wearing, it should be wiped with soft velvet cloth and stored in a box that can be closed.

2. Always store your pieces like earrings, rings, and necklaces separately, they should not come in contact with each other and cause scratches in closed boxes. Diamonds and pearls are best stored this way.

3. The jewelry can also be wrapped in anti-tarnish paper and then stored inside the box.

4. It is always better to avoid wearing delicate jewelry while cooking, gymming, swimming, and avoid overexposure to sunlight, as this will tend to reduce the shine of the jewelry.

5.Some of the jewelry, apart from precious gemstone jewellery made of gold & diamonds can be washed with mild soap in lukewarm water.

6.It is best to wear jewelry as the last piece of dressing once the makeup and attire have been worn to avoid any damage due to pulling from tassels or dulling of luster due to make up spills.


On the whole, for jewelry to look as new as it was bought, it is advised to store the jewelry pieces in soft clothed boxes, in separate compartments and in room temperature away from sunlight.

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