The Rajasthani Bride Guidebook to Jewellery

Straight from the golden screens of Bollywood films like Padmaavat to the paintings we have framed to commemorate history, Rajasthani jewellery and bridal attire has been revered in our country as one of the regal looks a bride can adorn on her special day.

Here’s a round up of the jewellery that you can sport to get that perfect Rajasthani bridal look:

  1. Borla: This traditional head jewellery is spherical in shape and is different from other Maang Tikkas. The traditional Borla is made with a spherical drop attached to metal chains that adorns the brides head. The two chains that support the Borla are called Sheeshfool. This combination of a Sheeshfool and Borla makes up the Matha Patti.
  2. Nath: A classic mark of a Rajasthani bride can only be noted if she is wearing a Naath. Also known as a Nathni, this gorgeous piece of jewellery is worn on the woman’s nostril. Traditionally worn on the left nostril, the Nath is joined to the ear by a simple gold or pearl chain.
  3. Kaanbali: Carefully designed with Kundan or Meenakari work, the Kaanbali earrings are popular for both extremely festive outfits and indowestern lookbooks. They are also laden with precious stones to give it an oomph factor and rarely fail to impress.
  4. Kanthi Necklace: The Kanthi necklace is a traditional necklace worn by the royals and gorgeous women of Rajasthani descent and is also known as a Rajputhana necklace. It is a square or rectangular choker gifted to the bride’s family by the bridegroom. It is traditionally made with gold and laden with Kundan and Polki stones. It is a must have of every Rajasthani wedding jewellery trousseau.
  5. Haath Phool: Mehendi is not the only thing that adorns our gorgeous Rajasthani brides’ hands. Sweetly known as a Haath Phool (Hand Flower), this piece of jewellery cannot be missed in a traditional wedding. Falling beautifully on to the top of a woman’s hand, this piece of jewellery can come in various styles like rings attached to all five fingers connected to a point which ties into the bracelet around the wrist.

And the best part? You can get all of this customized and made to suit your wedding trousseau with us guiding you every step of the way.

Reference to be stated: https://www.zerokaata.com/zerokaata-studio/traditional-jewellery-of-rajasthan/

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