How do you choose your engagement ring?

How do you choose your engagement ring?

Tips to choose an engagement ring 

Jewelry has always been the best choice as gifts to express emotions like gratitude, commitment to a relationship, and appreciation. An engagement is one such important event in life that is always associated with the gift of commitment in the form of a ring.

There you are in the most important phase in life that you have been looking forward to for years and the day is just around the corner and it’s the time to rejoice!

Let’s look into all the aspects to keep in mind while selecting the ring.

  • Be sure of your budget in mind to choose the ring as this will influence the kind of metal and stone you would like to choose for the item
  • It is ideal to choose a diamond ring on a metal band, there can be variation in size and shape. The shape of the diamond is a factor to consider as the price varies with each shape.
    Diamond is assessed based on the four Cs -Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat.
  • All diamonds at Konika are well-cut diamonds and proportioned so that all of the light entering the diamond is reflected, the clarity is important to grade the diamond, we strive to provide the best quality of diamonds starting from IF-VVSI,VVS2. The color of the diamond is graded from D to Z, D being the highest quality in richness, at konika you can be assured E & F Colour. Last but not least is the weight of the diamond which is measured in carats and determines the size and price of the stone.
  • Next, you should look around to choose the shape of the stone which is available in round, oval, heart, pear, and princess.
    The stone can be ordered to set in either an open or closed setting based on the design you choose.
  • There are various options based on your budget for the band which can be yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum.
  • Always buy a certified diamond especially when you are spending an enormous amount of money on it, ensure that the certificate matches the description of your product. Along with every diamond purchase you can be assured an IGI certification from a renowned lab that gives you every little detail about your diamond jewellery starting from the number of diamonds to gold color. Besides the diamond count, you can also find details about the cut, color, clarity and weight of every piece of diamond that is used.

Once all of the above has been considered and you have arrived at the best piece that is meant just for you and your better half then it is the right time to go for it and make the special occasion and milestone in life as we all Know Diamonds are a woman’s best friend! Enjoy shopping with loved ones and make the experience positive as memorable as it is one thing that you will carry in your heart for a lifetime.

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