22kt Blue Sapphire Ring
This 22 carat yellow gold ring is the perfect daily wear ring laden with a deep colored stone. Needs no maintenance and can be worn anytime, anywhere, everyday and everywhere .
Rs. 15,898.00
Italian Rose Gold Ring
This 18 carat Italian rose gold stoned ring is a quick solution to a traditional evening or for an ethnic dress up day at work. Keep the attire light, but don't forget to dress up your long slender finger with...
Rs. 24,578.00
Sparkling cuff 18kt Italian Ring
You can never go wrong when you choose gold with white stones as an accessory. This stylish contemporary with a four petal flower ring is made of 18 carat Italian Rose Gold is for that smart and sassy working woman...
Rs. 20,727.00
22kt Gold Bells Ring
This 22 carat yellow gold colorful meenakari ring piece with gold beads is perfect ring to accentuate your ethnic outfit or will complement your indo western outfit at a diwali party at office or at family party.
Rs. 25,981.00
Italian Rose Gold Ring
Just perfect for the mix and match concept of indo western wear is this 18 carat Italian rose gold ring studded with white stones. The 7 stone traditional mom’s earring design, lined with stones on spring shaped gold bands makes...
Rs. 32,180.00
Emerald With Stones Around
A ring immediately displays your classy taste and when that ring is one of Emeralds surrounded with bright stones, it becomes a woman's best friend while she works on her laptop or chills with her friends holding a glass at...
Rs. 26,248.00
Single Stone Blushing Ring
This 18 carat Italian Rose Gold classic open stone ring with white stones along the gold band would be the perfect engagement ring. This sure will make you or your loved one feel super special!
Rs. 23,514.00
Antique Kundan Ring
Rs. 32,596.00
Antique Kundan Ring
Kundan the stones to give you that royal look and never go out of fashion. This 22 carat yellow gold traditionally designed ring is one thing you will love adding to the collection of rings -a must have!
Rs. 32,596.00
Italian Rose Gold Ring
This 18 carat Rose Gold white stone ring has the perfect richness to decorate your long slender fingers and is the perfect ring to match with any jewellery and silk attire. P.S. it could also be great gift for your...
Rs. 29,950.00
Antique Meenakari Ring
Meenakari rings add color to your personality and enhance your beauty in your silk attire, this 22 carat yellow gold will complete your look on an ethinic wear day or on the contrary will just add that tad bit colour...
Rs. 31,689.00
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