Things to keep in mind before exchanging Gold

Gold is a metal that humanity has held dearly for as long as we can remember. It has the properties of being just abundant enough in our Mother Earth to create coins but also just rare enough so that not everyone can produce it. As it is the one of the precious that doesn’t corrode, its value is as intact as the moment you bought it. The early humans used gold as a measure for their success, abundance and socio-economic power, and not much has changed since then. It is the metal we fall back on when currencies lose value or don’t work making gold valuable in good times and bad!

Unlike traditional jewellers, who use a touchstone for gold valuation, multiple scientific testing is conducted to know the accurate value of your gold.

If you’re looking to exchange your gold during these unprecedented times. Here is a quick set of tips we have put together for you to use to be secure and informed with your experience.

  1. Ensure you approach a reputable jeweller: Your very first step would be to decide a trustworthy and reliable jeweller who has a good reputation and experience in the field. This will also ensure that you’re getting your gold’s worth and will avoid the risk of being duped in the transaction.
  2. Exchange unadorned gold: While examining what ornament you’d like to exchange, ensure you choose gold jewellery that does not come with precious gemstones. Even if you’d like to exchange an ornament that comes with precious stones, remove them before you exchange the gold as it would prevent any potential devaluation.
  3. Research the gold rates: Always have information on the current gold rates in handy, this will ensure that you’re not duped with a lower amount for the price of your gold. This way you can also take a call to visit the store when the amount is higher to get more value from your exchange.
  4. Check for Hallmark: Always ensure you check the hallmark of the gold you’re purchasing or exchanging to ensure its purity. Our laws mandate that every gold ornament come with a clear stamp of its cartage to make buying and selling gold easy!
  5. Maintain proper invoices: With every gold purchase you make, ensure to login a copy of the bills and original copies of the same! This will ensure the authenticity of the gold when you’re going to exchange it.

Happy gold exchanging!

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